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Zeni Geba (銭ゲバ?) is a Japanese manga story written by George Akiyama. The series was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1970 to 1971. Shōnen Sunday was once specified as "harmful" in some prefectures when the series has started, because of its violent and drastic depiction.[1]

The series was dramitized into a TV series in 2009, and was aired from January to March by the NNN TVs in Japan, starring Ken'ichi Matsuyama. The original story was released shortly after when Student activism was on in Japan and thus reflected such historical backgrounds as represented in its use of the word ゲバ (geba?) in the title. The background of the TV series, on the other hand, was adjusted to reflect the 2009 world, including positioning of the main character as a temp worker (派遣社員 haken shain?) working at a factory.[2]

General description

Zeni means money in Japanese and Geba means die Gewalt (power) in German. The gekiga comic strip was serialized from No. 13 in 1970 to No. 6 in 1971 in Weekly Shōnen Sunday.

The story was that by extreme poverty, a boy named Fūtarō Gamagōri (蒲郡風太郎?) repeated murders and grasped money and honor.


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