Yuu Watase
Yuu Watase illustrating a sample of Ayashi no Ceres at Lucca Comics 2004 in Italy
Born (1970-03-05) March 5, 1970 (age 47)
Osaka, Japan
Occupation Mangaka
Nationality Japanese
Genres fantasy, comedy
Subjects shōjo manga, bishōnen manga

Yuu Watase (渡瀬 悠宇 Watase Yuu?, born March 5, 1970 in Osaka) is a Japanese shōjo manga author and artist. She received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo for Ceres, Celestial Legend in 1997.[1] Since writing her debut short story "Pajama de Ojama" ("An Intrusion in Pajamas"), Watase has created more than 80 compiled volumes of short stories and continuing series.[2] Because of her frequent use of beautiful male characters in her works, she is widely regarded in circles as a bishōnen mangaka.[citation needed] In October 2008, Watase began her first shonen serialization, Arata: The Legend in Weekly Shōnen Sunday.

Her name is romanized as "Yû Watase" in earlier printings of Viz Media's publications of Fushigi Yūgi, Alice 19th, and Ceres, The Celestial Legend, while in Viz Media's Fushigi Yūgi Genbu Kaiden and Absolute Boyfriend her name is romanized as "Yuu Watase". In Chuang Yi's English-language versions of Fushigi Yugi (spelled without a macron or circumflex), her name is romanized as "Yu Watase".


Watase Yuu Flower Comics

Shonen Sunday Comics

Watase Yuu Masterpiece Collection

  1. Gomen Asobase!
  2. Magical Nan
  3. Otenami Haiken!
  4. Suna no Tiara
  5. Mint de Kiss Me

YuuTopia Collection

  1. Oishii Study
  2. Musubiya Nanako

YuuTopia Collection

    1. [akisihi] ...100910...0215...(035)....1003627
    1. " [yushi yuubi]...Okinawa {woi a ni)..0005687...40359257
    1. [tashiki yuukini] ....Shoyuan...(neiri yutoki)....3985627.(615..3085)...3886297

Yuu Watase Best Selection

  1. Sunde ni Touch
  2. Perfect Lovers

Watase Yuu Flower Comics Deluxe, Kanzenban, Shogakukan Bunko

Bunko Ban

  • Fushigi Yūgi Bunko - 10 Vols.
  • Ayashi no Ceres (Ceres, Celestial Legend) Bunko - 7 Vols.
  • Alice 19th Bunko - 4 Vols.
  • Zettai Kareshi Bunko - 3 Vols.
  • Imadoki! Bunko - 3 Vols.
  • Shishunki Miman Okotowari Bunko - 3 Vols.


  • Fushigi Yūgi Kanzenban - 9 Vols.

Flower Comics Deluxe

  1. Shishunki Miman Okotowari
  2. Shishunki Miman Okotowari/Zoku Shishunki Miman Okotowari
  3. Zoku Shishunki Miman Okotowari
  4. Pajama de Ojama
  5. Mint de Kiss Me
  6. Epotoransu! Mai


  • Watase Yuu Illustration Collection Fushigi Yūgi
  • Watase Yuu Illustration Collection - Part 2 Fushigi Yūgi Animation World
  • "Ayashi no Ceres" Illustration Collection Tsumugi Uta ~Amatsu Sora Naru Hito o Kofutote~
  • Yuu Watase Post Card Book I
  • Yuu Watase Post Card Book II


  • Shishunki Miman Okotowari - 4 Vols.
  • Fushigi Yūgi - 13 Vols.
  • Ayashi no Ceres - 6 Vols.
  • Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden - 1 Vol.
  • Absolute Boyfriend - 1 Vol.
  • Masei Kishin Den (Illustration)
  • Yada ze! (Illustration)
  • Piratica (Illustration)


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  2. [1] Shojo Beat

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