Yutaka Tachibana (橘裕 Tachibana Yutaka?, born December 8) is a Japanese manga artist and creator of the manga series Gatcha Gacha and Honey.

Gatcha Gacha

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The former is a series about a teenage girl named Yuri Muroi with a cheerful and positive demeanor who has been in many unsuccessful relationships. After first making friends with Motoko Kagurazaka, the most beautiful and popular girl in school with a dark side to her personality, she finds herself making friends and falling in love with Takahiro Yabe. Yabe has decided the only girl he would ever seriously date is Motoko, who does not return his feelings. Yuri also meets Sho Hirao, the student body president who falls in love with her. One day after sharing each other's stories, Yuri finds herself caught up in Yabe and Motoko's pasts and the drama that has happened in their lives.


  • Gatcha Gacha
  • Honey
  • Moshikashite Vanpu
  • Hotto Suteppu
  • Datte Ai Damon
  • Fairy Master
  • Fuyu no Kiba
  • Goshujinsama to Atashi
  • Hajimari no Jumon
  • Hot Step
  • Kana, Kamo
  • Momoko Manual
  • NG x Baby
  • Ningyoushi no Yoru
  • Toki no Seijuu
  • Watanabe-san Chi no Ikkagen
  • Youki ni Kaanibaru Naito
  • Uchi no Pochi no Yūkoto niwa



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