Yuna Kagesaki (影崎 由那 Kagesaki Yuna?) is a manga artist, born on March 3, 1973,[1] best known for being the author of the manga Chibi Vampire. Some of her work has been published under the pseudonyms; Yūna Kagesaki (影崎 夕那 Kagesaki Yūna?) (spelled with different kanji) when drawing CG's for PC games, and Yuta Kageyama (影山 由多 Kageyama Yuta?) when drawing hentai manga or HCG's for PC games.[2]

List of works

as Yuna Kagesaki (影崎 由那)

as Yūna Kagesaki (影崎 夕那)

as Yuta Kageyama (影山 由多)

List of works (CG's for PC games)

General Audience

  • Infinity
  • Never7 - the end of infinity
  • Shiritsu Hōō Gakuen "Ichinen Jun'ai-gumi" (私立鳳凰学園「一年純愛組」?)
  • Super Real Mah-jong Hi Pai Paradise (スーパーリアル麻雀Hi・Paiパラダイス?)
  • Super Real Mah-jong Hi Pai Paradise 2 Onsen e ikō yo! (温泉へいこうよっ!?)
  • D.C.P.S. (Da Capo Plus Situation)

Eroge Content

  • YES! "Yōkan no Vampire" (YES!『洋館のヴァンパイア』?)
  • BACTA 2
  • Pretty Sentai Kyarurūn (ぷりてぃ戦隊きゃるる~ん?)
  • FILE
  • C'est la vie
  • Ippatsu JANG! (イッパツJANG!?)
  • Kirijima Shinryōshitsu no Gogo (霧島診療室の午後?)
  • Coming Heart
  • Escape! (エスケイプ!?)
  • HIGH School DAYS (HIGHスクールDAYS?)
  • Ya Ku So Ku (や・く・そ・く?)
  • Sotsugyō Shashin (卒業 写真?)
  • Sotsugyō Shashin 2
  • Ayu (あゆ?)
  • Mio & Miho (みお&みほ?)
  • Mayu (まゆ?)
  • Tenshi no Hina (天使のひな?)
  • Ko Ko Ro 2 (コ・コ・ロ・・・2?)


  1. (Japanese) 3月が誕生日!(1日〜10日)
  2. The information in this article is sourced from the Japanese Wikipedia article on the author:影崎由那

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