Youko Hanabusa (英 洋子 Hanabusa Youko?, born December 29, in Tokyo) is a Japanese Shōjo mangaka. She debuted in 1978 with the short story Koi wa Happy Snow ni Notte (monthly HITOMI, AKITA Publishing CO.,LTD).

Selected bibliography

Shōjo manga

File:Lady!!6 hanabusa.png
The manga was adapted into anime television series - Lady Lady!! and Hello! Lady Lynn in 1987 by Toei Animation Co.,Ltd..
  • Lady Lynn! (レディ リン!)
a sequel to Lady!!
  • Lynn no Kodomotachi & Peter Pan (リンのこどもたち&ぴぃたぁぱん)
Hanabusa’s official dojinshi that focuses on two children of Lynn and Edward.
  • Premier Muguet (プルミエ・ミュゲ) story by Kyoko Mizuki
  • Heart ni Aozora Yohou (ハートに青空予報)
  • Kirameki Green Age (きらめきグリーンエイジ)
  • Milk Miracle (みるく みらくる)
  • Majinai Ningyou (呪い人形)
  • Time Princess (タイムプリンセス)
  • Kurayami no Yubiwa (暗闇の指輪)
  • Hoho Yosete Dakishimete (ほほよせて抱きしめて)
  • Yaneura Beya e Youkoso (屋根裏部屋へようこそ)
  • Hatsukoi Swimming (初恋スイミング)
  • Engage Kiss (エンゲージ・キス)
  • Jooubachi (女王蜂)
  • Roma no Kyuujitu (ローマの休日) adapted from Roman Holiday Paramount Pictures

Manga adaptations of western romance novels

File:Farellis wife hanabusa.png
  • Idol Dreams リッツで夕食 (Charlotte Lamb, A Wild Affair) Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
  • 鏡の中の女 (Charlotte Lamb, The Devil's Arm)
  • 恋の砂漠 (Charlotte Lamb, Desert Barbarian)
  • ローレライ愛の調べ (Lucy Gordon, Song of the Lorelei)
  • 手紙 (Lucy Gordon, Farelli's Wife)
  • ある日突然結婚 (Diana Hamilton, An Inconvenient Marriage)
  • 身代わりプリンセス (Tracy Sinclair, The Princess Gets Engaged)
  • 王子様とわたし (Elizabeth Harbison, Annie and the Prince)
  • いつしか求愛 (Carole Mortimer, To Woo a Wife)
  • あこがれる心の裏で (Carole Mortimer, To Be a Husband)
  • 今夜だけのパートナー (Carole Mortimer, To Be a Bridegroom)
  • 悩める伯爵 (Anne Ashley, The Earl of Rayne's Ward)
  • 消えた子爵夫人 (Anne Ashley, Lady Linford's Return)
  • 泥棒は恋の始まり (Anne Gracie, An Honourable Thief)
  • 献身 (Violet Winspear, Passionate Sinner)
  • ハリウッドの天使 (Violet Winspear, Lucifer's Angel)
  • 情熱のマスカレード (Emma Darcy, The Power and the Passion)
  • 王子様は、ある日突然 (Miranda Lee, Knight to the Rescue)
  • プリンスと虹色の指輪 (Joan Elliott Pickart, Man...Mercenary...Monarch)
  • 一夜だけの花嫁 (Day Leclaire, One Night Wife)
  • 無邪気なかけひき (Penny Jordan, The Sheikh's Virgin Bride)
  • 誘惑はオアシスで (Penny Jordan, One Night with the Sheikh)
  • 砂塵に舞う花嫁 (Penny Jordan, Possessed by the Sheikh)
  • 愛は復讐の果てに (Penny Jordan, The Perfect Seduction)
  • 危険な結婚 (Helen Bianchin, A Passionate Surrender)
  • 愛の惑い (Helen Bianchin, The Greek Bridegroom)
  • 見知らぬ国で (Catherine George, Devil Within)
  • 堕ちた愛人 (Susanne McCarthy, No Place for Love)
  • プリンセスへの階段 (Cathie Linz, A Prince At Last!)
  • フィアンセは当店で (Jackie Braun, One Fiancee to Go, Please)
  • 銀色に光る海で (Miranda Jarrett, The Silver Lord)
  • リメンバー・ミー (Sharon Sala, Remember Me)
  • さらわれたハート (Barbara Cartland, The Wing of Ecstasy)
  • 公爵の花嫁 (Barbara Cartland, A Nightingale Sang)

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