Youka Nitta (新田祐克) is a popular yaoi manga-ka (Japanese comics creator). Her first manga story, "GROUPIE", was published by Biblos in 1997.[1] She believes in characters not always having to be the seme or uke,[2] and her Embracing Love has been called the first title available with a "reversible" couple in English.[3] In 2008 it was reported that Nitta had infringed upon the copyright of advertising photographs by tracing them for illustrations in her manga Embracing Love; she subsequently apologized for the misuse, as did her publisher.[4] Nitta attended the 2002 Yaoi-Con[5] and the 2006 New York Comic Con but cancelled her planned appearance at the 2008 Yaoi-Con in the aftermath of the tracing scandal.[6]


  • Groupie, 1997, 1 volume
  • 男が男を愛する時 (When a Man Loves a Man?) Series, 1997, 9 volumes
Series includes When a Man Loves a Man (1 volume), Last Waltz (2 volumes), Nightcap (1 volume), Irokoi (3 volumes), and U:V (2 volumes)
  • 春を抱いていた (Embrace the Spring?), 1997, 14 volumes
Licensed in English as Embracing Love by Be Beautiful
  • ホワイトブランド (White Brand?), 1998, 1 volume
Licensed in English as White Brand by Juné
  • 美味いもん食わせろ! (Give Me Something Delicious To Eat!?), 1998, 2 volumes
  • カジノ・リリィ (Casino Lilly?), 1999, 1 volume
Licensed in English as Casino Lilly by Be Beautiful, but never released
  • 17 Guyz, 2000, 1 volume
Licensed in English as Kiss of Fire by Digital Manga Publishing
  • 僕の声 (My Voice?), 2004, 3 volumes (ongoing)
Licensed in English as Sound of My Voice by Be Beautiful
  • 舞踏会の手帖 (Un Carnet de Bal?), 2006, 1 volume
  • 公使閣下の秘密外交 (His Excellency the Foreign Minister's Secrets?), 2006, 2 volumes (ongoing)
Licensed in English as The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy by 801 Media
  • オトダマ - 音霊 (Otodama - Ghost Sound?), 2007, 2 volumes (ongoing)
Licensed in English as Otodama: Voice From the Dead by DokiDoki


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