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Yoshihiro Tatsumi (辰巳 ヨシヒロ Tatsumi Yoshihiro?, June 10, 1935 in Tennōji-ku, Osaka) is a mangaka who is widely credited with starting the gekiga style of alternative comics in Japan, having allegedly coined the term in 1957.[1]

His work has been translated into many languages, and Canadian publisher Drawn and Quarterly have embarked on a project to publish an annual compendium of his works focusing each on the highlights of one year of his work (beginning with 1969), edited by American cartoonist Adrian Tomine. This is one event in a seemingly coincidental rise to worldwide popularity that Tomine relates to in his introduction to the first volume of the aforementioned series. Tatsumi received the Japan Mangaka Association Award in 1972.


  • Black Blizzard - (Drawn & Quarterly, 2010)
  • A Drifting Life - (Drawn & Quarterly, 2009) [1]
  • Good-Bye - (Catalan Communications, 1988, Drawn & Quarterly, 2008)
  • Abandon the Old in Tokyo - (Drawn and Quarterly, 2006)
  • The Push Man and other stories - (Drawn and Quarterly, 2005)
  • Good-Bye and other stories - (Catalan Communications, 1988)
  • Hito Kui Gyo


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