Yoko Maki (槙ようこ Maki Yōko?, born July 11, 1981) is a Japanese manga artist best known for Aishiteruze Baby. Maki debuted in 1999 with Love Service! in Ribon Original magazine. She also has a pet dog named Leo and her profile in the Aishiteruze Baby comic says her hobby is "...blowing soap bubbles" and that one of her skills is "...passing quickly through a crowd of people".


  • 14R — Collection of short stories, containing:
    • 14R
    • Mahiru ni Kakedasu
    • Watakushi-sama
    • Koi o Hajimeru Bokutachi ni
    • Daily News
  • Atashi wa Bambi (3 volumes) — Also includes:
    • Kokoro Kirari (vol.1)
    • Aiko de Jo (vol.2)
    • Kiite Kiite Ouji (vol.3)
    • Survival (vol.3)
  • Kareki ni Koi o Sakasemasu — Collection of short stories, containing:
    • Kareki ni Koi o Sakasemasu
    • Heavy Crash!!
    • Juicy Game
    • Love Service!
  • Sora Sora — Also includes:
    • Koishiterururu
  • Aishitenai
  • Shouri no Akuma

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