Yasuji Murata (村田安司 Murata Yasuji?, 24 January 1896 – 2 November 1966) was a pioneering animator who helped develop the art of anime in Japan. Studying the animation techniques of Sanae Yamamoto,[1] Murata produced dozens of mostly educational films at the Yokohama Cinema studio featuring such characters as Momotarō and Norakuro. Along with Noburō Ōfuji, he was renowned as a master of cutout animation.[2] Among his students were such animators as Yoshitarō Kataoka.

Selected filmography

  • Dōbutsu Orinpikku taikai, 1928 [Animal Olympics]
  • Tarō-san no kisha, 1929 [Taro's Train]
  • Saru Masamune, 1930 [The Monkey Masamune]
  • Oira no yakyū, 1930
  • Sora no Momotarō, 1931
  • Norakuro gochō, 1934


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  2. Official booklet, The Roots of Japanese Anime, DVD, Zakka Films, 2009.

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