Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu is a Japanese manga created by Maki Yoko, author of Aishiteruze Baby. The serial first ran in the February 2007 issue of Ribon.


Hotate is a ten year old girl with a unique gift: she can see and communicate with the spirits of those who have passed away. After the death of her mother, young Hotate is living with her grandmother. The old woman grows wary of Hotate's special ability and Hotate is placed in the care of a man who is introduced as her uncle - Zenjirou Yamamoto. Moving to her uncle's farm, Hotate settles in with her new housemates, Bess the cow and a university student paying board called Makoto. But... What is the secret relationship between Hotate and Zenjirou Yamamoto? Follow Hotate as she uses her gift to help both the departed and the living in this series by Yoko Maki.


Yamamote Hotate: A kind girl with the ability to see the dead. Has a crush on Hayame. Daughter of Yamamote Zenjirou. Hotate's mother is deceased.

Yamamote Zenjirou: The young father of Hotate who lives in the mountains.

Makoto: A university student paying board to live with Zenjiro and Hotate. Falls in love with a girl from his university which eventually leads to the birth of Chi-chan.

Hayame: The spirit of a helpful boy who can only be seen by Hotate and Zenjirou. Seems to like Hotate as he becomes jealous when she's around Yuuki. Still alive, but in a coma. Hayame promise Hotate that he will come and see her one day. In reality, Hayame is already 14 years old and he doesn't want to wake up yet because he doesn't have his memories of when he was younger.

Yuuki: A classmate of Hotate's from school who often teases her. Has a deceased grandfather who had a dog named Bike.

Chi-chan: The spirit of an unborn baby. Later he tells Hotate that Makoto will be his next father.

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