Yūko Kaida (甲斐田 裕子 Kaida Yūko?, born January 14, 1980) is a Japanese voice actress and theater actress from Kanagawa. She works at Ken Production. Kaida's most known roles include Neela Rasgotra in the Japanese dub of ER, Shimei Ryomo in Ikkitousen, Kyō Takamimori in Potemayo, Amane Ootori in Strawberry Panic!, Minako Tsukiyama in Maria-sama ga Miteru and Matsu in Sengoku Basara.

She's often mistaken for Yuki Kaida (Their names differ by only two mora, and one letter in romanization).

Notable voice roles

Personal life

In 2008, her marriage to a theatre actor was made known.


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