Script error Yōichi Wada (和田 洋一 Wada Yōichi?) (born May 28, 1959) is the current president and CEO of Square Enix. He was formerly the president of Square and carried over his title in 2003 when the company merged with Enix. He is also the current chairman of the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA). He is also the current president and CEO of Taito Corporation, and recently Square Enix purchased Eidos plc (which owns Eidos Interactive) but is not the Chairman, president, or CEO. Instead Phil Rogers remains president and CEO with Tim Ryan remaining Chairman. However Eidos is now being absorbed into a new division of Square Enix, called Square Enix Europe which Phil Rogers will head.

ar:يويتشي واداno:Yōichi Wadafi:Yōichi Wada

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