Xiao Pan is a French publisher and distributor of full-color Chinese manhua, both in French-language and original Chinese form. They are based in France, with offices in Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada. Several of their titles have been licensed for translation and release to English-speaking audiences.


Xiao Pan first debuted their work at the Festival international d’Angoulême in 2006,[1] and since then has published works by over three dozen creators. At New York Comic-Con on April 19, 2008, Tokyopop announced it will debut its new full-color Tokyopop Graphic Novels line in February 2009 with one of Xiao Pan's works, Orange.[2][3]

Selected authors and works

  • Benjamin: Orange, Remember, One Day, Flash
  • Nie Jun: Diu Diu, My Street
  • Pocket Chocolate: Butterfly in the Air
  • Zhang Xiao Yu: Au Fond du Rêve, L'envol
  • Lee Shipeng: Dr Forlen
  • Liu Feng, Dream
  • Jian Yi, Five Colors
  • Chen Weidong and Peng Chao: Un Monde Idéal, Le Voyage en Occident
  • Ji Di: My Way
  • Ji An: Niumao
  • Li Yao: La Quête de l'esprit Céleste


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