Xenon (重機甲兵ゼノン Jūki Kōhē Zenon?, lit. "Heavy Metal Warrior Xenon") (aka. Bio Diver Xenon) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Masaomi Kanzaki. The manga was published in 1986 by Shogakukan and 2000 by Kodansha.[1] It was serialised in seinen magazine Monthly Comic Ryū.[2] The manga was licensed by Eclipse Comics in 1987 and by Viz Communications in 1992. The manga is licensed for a French-language release in France by Génération Comics and Semic,[3][4] licensed for a German-language release in Germany by Planet Manga,[5] and licensed in Taiwan by Taiwan Tohan.[6]


Kodansha published the manga's 4 bound volumes between March 1986 and March 1987.[7][8]


Script error The French Manga-News regarded the first volume as "a good action manga if you like the author or the genre, but dispensable for others".[1] While praising the art, the Manga-News reviewer felt the story was unoriginal.[2] He felt that the "non-stop action" prevented the series from sinking into caricatures,[3] and noted that the fanbase of the manga kept the manga going into a fourth volume, and found the last volume "most interesting".[4]


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