X-Multiply is a side-scrolling shooter by Irem. Similar in style to R-Type. In 1998 the game was released with Image Fight as a one-disc doublebill on PlayStation and Sega Saturn.


The game centers around an unusual alien invasion against a colony planet in the year 2249—the aliens themselves are microscopic creatures that invade, infect, and kill the colonists. Scientists have deployed the microscopic fighter X-002 into the body of the hapless woman whose body has been invaded by the alien queen.


The game itself is a side-scroller like R-Type, albeit with a short vertical-scrolling area towards the end of the sixth level. Instead of the force pod, however, the main power-up apparatus takes the form of two flexible arms. The arms are invulnerable to all enemy attacks, and can be positioned with careful maneuvering of the X-002.

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