X-Change 3 is a Japanese erotic game produced by Crowd and distributed in English by Peach Princess. This game is the first in the series to be released on DVD-ROM, and the first to have the English release censored. It is the final chapter in the trilogy.


In the third game, you play as Takuya Aihara for the last time. Kōji, a male student you had an encounter with in the first game, and who was in the chemistry club the previous game, is still trying to get Takuya's female side in love with him. He secretly gets Asami Satoh to make more of the sex-change potion and proceeds to trick Takuya into drinking it.


On July 22, 2006, Peter Payne admitted that Peach Princess had censored the English release of X-Change 3[citation needed]. A total of seven graphics had been removed from the game due to them being of a lolicon nature. Two other graphics were edited to remove tears, blood, and other details from a rape scene. An unknown number of speech and sound effects were removed, and the amount of dialog changed during the translation/conversion is unknown. After backlash from fans of the series, the company has claimed that they had no possible option to release the full game claiming legal reasons,[1] despite having sold games of a similar nature, and continuing to do so[citation needed].

While the administrators have said that they are willing to give a refund to those that feel they were misled, this is only a partial refund and there is no described process for requesting it.

A petition was created by fans in hopes of an anti-censorship patch being released by the company. Peach Princess later released a patch restoring some of the content. The rape sequence was put back in unedited, but the lolicon content was still left out. An unofficial patch to restore removed content can be obtained at this external mirror.


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