Welcome to the Winners Circle (ウイナーズサークルへようこそ Wannautsu?) is a Japanese horse racing manga series by Shinobu Kaitani serialized in the seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump from 2011 to nowadays.Its second volumes was releaseded by Shueishaon Noverber 19, 2012.


When the dream of being a manga author is broken,Yamakawa Nanao meets a fortune teller that leads him to the horse tracks. [1]


Primary characters

Yamakawa Nanao|山川 七雄
The guess position of horse racing;
Yamakawa Nanao,the protagonist of this manga,always want to be a manga author.In order to go in for his dream, he even postponed college for two years. However, he loses his hope when every publisher rejected his works.Nanao basically know nothing about horse betting but his ability to see the smallest of details in the horses shocks the members and he is allowed to join the Winners Circle,a group of people who bet on horses as a form of earning.

Beniko|桜 紅子
The guess position of horse racing;exclusive method
The elder sister of Midori.
Midori|桜 美登里
The guess position of horse racing;astatic
The younger sister of Beniko.
shun|風間 駿
The guess position of horse racing; base on bloodline of the horses
Soukichi|宇多田 惣吉
The guess position of horse racing;base on data of the horses


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