Wild Cardz, known in Japan as Jaja-uma Quartet (じゃじゃ馬カルテット?), is a two-episode Japanese direct-to-video anime created by Yasuchika Nagaoka (director of New Cutie Honey). It was released in Japan by Studio OX, MOVIC and BMG Japan. It has been released in North America by U.S. Manga Corps.


The Card Kingdom is a prominent land that is taken over by invaders and it's up to the Crown Knights to push back the invaders and protect their land with all their might.

This anime has very little fan service compared to the director's previous works and instead of the cute magical girl genre, the focus is more action-oriented with styles similar to a Shōnen series. Some of the characters and enemies are named after game pieces and cards to coincide with the theme.

The Crown Knights

Joe Diamond XVII (Jo Diamonds, the 17th)

Jo possesses supersonic speed and incredible flight. Her Diamond Magic makes her almost invincible and can even surpass light speed.

Casa Clover XVII (Casa Clubs, the 17th)

Casa is the mystic of the Crown Knights and can sense anything with her psychic powers.

Coco Heartful XVIII (Coco Hearts, the 18th)

Coco is the jokester of the Crown Knight and is a psionic who uses "Psycho Magic". She's also the youngest of the Crown Knights.

Sunday Spade XVII (Sunday Spades, the 17th)

Sunday is the poker-faced leader of the Crown Knights who has a fearsome power hidden underneath and will only use it to save the Card Kingdom. She mostly stays behind and orders the other Crown Knights to defend the kingdom and only chooses to go into battle when necessary.

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