For the phase of the moon, see Wet moon.

Wet Moon is a series of young-adult graphic novels by Ross Campbell, and published by Oni Press. Primarily set in the fictional southern college town of Wet Moon, the series stars a large cast of characters, most of whom are in their late teens and early twenties, with many into the Goth subculture and other Alternative cultures. Wet Moon features many quoted lyrics from gothic and alternative bands such as Bella Morte at the start of a new chapter.


Book 1: Feeble Wanderings

An unusually usual day-to-day story set in the town of Wet Moon, a place fraught with lousy love lives, teen angst, and shadowy rednecks. As Cleo Lovedrop heads off for college at the local art school, she's haunted by her melancholic past: a lost love, a lost child. Friends and enemies live their lives around her, as trouble and dissent brews amongst them: an unseen social assailant spreads slander about Cleo, she is forced to deal with her two brusque roommates, and discovers unsolved mysteries about the girl who lived in her room previously. Elsewhere, Trilby deals with unsettled emotional and sexual issues, and keeping her secret habits hidden from everyone. And Audrey comes to the realization that, despite all her efforts, she always causes her friends distress, while Fern, a peculiar, deformed girl who lives in an isolated mansion in the bayous, begins to notice Cleo and her friends. As the moon grows full and lunar rays shine down, lunacy and moon-calves run free. Goths, friendship, romance, sex, betrayal, gossip, cats, murder, guilt, a squirrel monkey, and all the terrible and wonderful things people do to each other.[1]

Book 2: Unseen Feet

Book 3: Further Realms of Fright

Book 4: Drowned in Evil

Book 5: Where All Stars Fail to Burn


Major Characters

  • Cleo Lovedrop-(18)-Living and going to college at the local art school.
  • Trilby Bernarde-(18)- Cleo's best friend.
  • Audrey Richter-(19)- Kindhearted blabbermouth of the group.
  • Mara Zuzanny-(18)- Introspective cockroach lover.

Supporting Characters

  • Penny Lovedrop-(23)-Cleo Lovedrop's older sister
  • Fern
  • Natalie Ringtree-(21)- Cleo Lovedrop's roommate.
  • Myrtle Turenne-(19)- Cleo's troubled lover.
  • Martin Samson-(21)- Trilby's geeky boyfriend
  • Malady Mayapple-(20)- Always has pie!
  • Glen Neuhoff-(20) Costume maker.
  • Meiko-(5) Cleo Lovedrop's Cat
  • Vincent Verrier-(24)- Cleo Lovedrop's ex-boyfriend and Penny Lovedrop's new boyfriend
  • Zia Morlon - Cleo's co-worker, Myrtle's roommate

Minor Characters

  • Fall Swanhilde
  • Kinzoku
  • Beth McKenzie
  • Ben Viola - Mara's ex-boyfriend
  • Marissa Lyons
  • Connor Eakle-(23)-
  • Slicer (26) - Audrey's roommate and beard

Notes and references

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