Watching Fuckin' TV All Time Makes a Fool (テレビばかり見てると馬鹿になる Terebi Bakari Miteruto Baka ni Naru?, lit. Watching TV All the Time Makes You Stupid) is a collection of short, erotic manga by Naoki Yamamoto. The manga has been adapted into a film which was released in 2006.[1]

List of manga

The short manga that are present in the anthology are:

  • "Nayamanai" (なやまない?)
  • "Hidoi Yatsura wa Minagoroshi" (ひどいやつらは皆殺し "Their Terrible Massacre"?)
  • "Hidoi Yatsura wa Minagoroshi 2" (ひどいやつらは皆殺し2 "Their Terrible Massacre 2"?)
  • "Kisakunaanoni" (きさくなあのこ?)
  • "Mikata" (「味方」 "Friend"?)
  • "Genri na Doraibu" (便利なドライブ "The Convenient Drive"?)
  • "Oyogu" (泳ぐ "Swimming"?)
  • "Terebi Bakari Miteruto Baka ni Naru" (テレビばかり見てると馬鹿になる "Watching TV All The Time Makes You Stupid"?)


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