Warriors of Tao, known in Japan as Toma (トーマ Tōma?), is a Japanese manga by Shinya Kuwahara (桑原真也 Kuwahara Shin-ya?)


"Survival of the fittest" is a universal truth, one that Toma learns the hard way outside of the classroom. Chosen to fight on behalf of the Earth in an interplanetary tournament, Toma realizes that the loser will end up as dead meat - literally. According to the universal plan, there will be "Feeders" and there will be "Food", with the beings of one world feeding on the blood and meat of the others. Only one planet can survive... Who will be on the menu?


  • Toma Suguri - An average High School student. He's not one of the brightest students at his school, but he finds out that he's talented in other things like Kendo Training. He stumbles upon Itsuki Aizawa in an empty classroom one day (She is found nude under a desk), which starts a chain reaction, leading to Toma being thrown into a universe called "Tao".

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