Waita Uziga (氏賀Y太 Ujiga Waita?) is a Japanese guro manga artist. In Japanese, the phrase uji ga waita means "the maggots have gushed forth" (蛆が湧いた), although this would be written with different kanji than those he uses for his name.

Published manga

  • Poisonous Picture Book of the Bizarre (毒どく猟奇図鑑 - Doku Doku Ryouki Zukan) - 5/21/1999
  • The Middle of the Swamp (泥濘の中 - Nukarumi no Naka) - 4/19/2002; his only non-guro eromanga
  • Death Face (デスフェイス Desu Feisu) - 9/6/2002 - A series of short stories, with the last one Material being the story of a former school girl turned quad-amputee sex slave being forced to endure the cruelity of numerous tormentors.
  • Game Over - 2/24/2003 - The story of a teacher finding a girl who was scalped and buried alive by her former classmates.
  • Mai-chan's Daily Life (まいちゃんの日常 - Mai-chan no Nichijō) - 4/21/2004; the story of a naive 17 year old maid/slave who is immortal and has impressive regenerative properties.
  • True Modern Stories of the Bizarre (真・現代猟奇伝 - Makoto Gendai Ryōki Ten?) - 9/25/2004; includes the story Schoolgirl in Concrete based on the real-life case of Junko Furuta and other stories involving murderers and dystopian societies where cannibalism is legalized.
  • Dismantling a New Book, Y-Style (Y式解体新書 - Y Shiki Kaitai Shinsho) - 9/21/2005
  • 淫獄猟奇館 - 4/24/2006; consists mostly of reprinted stories from Doku Doku Ryouki Zukan
  • The Death Panda (巫女と野獣 - Miko to Yajū) - 8/26/2006; A story about a giant demon panda bear and the shrine maidens who must fight it.


Waita often injects black humor into his stories to offset its own extreme violence. He also includes stories that involve corrupt school systems taking part in capital punishment and human/organ trafficking, dystopian societies, and corrupt authority figures.

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