Void Indigo was a short-lived and controversial comic book series written by Steve Gerber and drawn by Val Mayerik, it was published by Epic Comics from 1983 to 1984.

Publishing history

Originally a pitch for revamping DC Comics' Hawkman, Gerber reworked the story into one of the first graphic novels (Marvel Graphic Novel #11) published by Epic Comics in 1983. It was then meant to spin out into a six-issue limited series by Epic. However reaction to the first issue of the series was negative from distributors due to the extreme (for its time) portrayal of violence.

Critical reaction to this violence was harsh. In his column "The Law is a Ass" for Comics Buyer's Guide Bob Ingersoll even cited the book as being a "crime against humanity." He was, however, being intentionally hyperbolic for comedic effect.

It focused on an alien named Jaghur from a peaceful extraterrestrial race (he was known on earth as "Mick Jagger"). Jaghur had been a human on Earth in his previous incarnation, and he returned to Earth with a spirit of vengeance against the seven demons who had tortured and killed him in his previous life. He came to Los Angeles at the end of the graphic novel.

Orders for the second issue dropped due to negative reviews, and Epic's editor-in-chief Archie Goodwin considered it not worth publishing the book due to the pressure he and the company were under.[citation needed]

Issues 3-6 were never completed. However the synopsis of issues 3-6 was later leaked onto the Internet, providing an idea as to how the series would have finished.



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