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Voice or Noise is a shōnen-ai manga series by Yamimaru Enjin. The series is about the relationship between a junior high school student, Shinichiro, and a college professor, Narusawa, both of whom have the ability to speak to animals.



Shinichiro is a junior high school student who seeks the aid of Narusawa for his ill dog, Flappy. Shinichiro was told by the vet he went to see that Narusawa can speak to animals. Narusawa denies this, but Shinichiro discovers later that he was lying. Shinichiro begins to visit Narusawa at his home, hoping to learn to talk to animals. Both he and Narusawa are able to converse with Narusawa's cat, Acht.


Narusawa is a moody, introverted college math professor. He has the ability to understand and communicate with animals. He prefers to avoid the company of all living things, but when Shinichiro starts coming over, he slowly accepts him and starts to want him to visit.
His nature stems from an incident in his childhood, right before the funeral of one of his classmates. A couple of teacher stumbled upon a dog that was hit by a car. They shoved it off to the side of the road and covered it up. The uncaring way in which this was done hardened his heart.


Acht is a black cat that lives with Narusawa. He converses with it occasionally. Acht speaks Japanese, German, and English, but not to other cats. He is bored easily if he doesn't have someone to talk to.

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