Video Girl Len is a manga series by Masakazu Katsura, following a similar theme and story to Video Girl Ai. The story of Video Girl Len is 2 volumes long, and is distributed as Volumes 14 and 15 of the Video Girl Ai manga series.


At the start of the story about 9 years after Video Girl Ai, a girl is seen kissing a boy. She later presents herself as Len Momono and more is shown about the boy. The boy is Hiromu Taguchi and is studying to become a manga artist. In the drawing class he attends (which is given by Yota Moteuchi from Video Girl Ai), he meets up a girl named Ayumi Shirakawa and immediately falls in love with her. The day afterwards, his friends Shoko Ozawa and Toshiki Karukawa learn about this by seeing one of his drawings, and want to meet up with this girl right away. They go to the drawing class and find the girl, but there seems to be a weird rumor spreading around. After that, Hiromu is quite disturbed. He finds the video club Neo Gokuraku with his friend Toshiki and decides to hire Len. When he plays the video, she comes out of his screen, and here the fun begins.


  • Hiromu Taguchi (田口広夢 Taguchi Hiromu): The main character of the story, deeply in love with Ayumi but with some weird ideas about girls in general.
  • Ayumi Shirakawa (白川あゆみ Shirakawa Ayumi): The girl Hiromu loves. She seems to have a terrible secret in her past.
  • Len Momono (桃乃恋 Momono Ren): A video girl that has not been tested yet. Hiromu is her first case and she tries to help him as much as possible.
  • Toshiki Karukawa (刈川俊騎 Karukawa Toshiki): Hiromu's best friend. Dates a lot of girls (even if he says he never was in love with any of them) and quite perverted.
  • Shoko Ozawa (小沢梢子 Ozawa Shōko): Another friend of Hiromu's. It seems like she likes Toshiki a lot.

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