Victoria Carroll, or Victoria Carrol-Bell (born Victoria Carrol October 15, 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American film and voice actress.

Career Biography

Ms. Carroll has made appearances on TV shows from 1960s-present. In 1964 she played a nurse on McHale's Navy, In 1967, she had a small role on The Beverly Hillbillies, in 1970, she appeared on Hogan's Heroes, In 1982 she played Dottie in one episode of Dynasty and in 1982-1983, she made several appearances on Gimme a Break[1] and more. In 1969, she played the go-go dancer in the horror film Nightmare in Wax.

Voice over work

Carroll is also a famous a voice actress. Among her voice over roles in cartoons are:

Personal life

Ms. Carroll married fellow voice actor Michael Bell in 1968. They have a daughter, Ashley Bell, who is also an actress.


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