Script error Vanilla Yamazaki (山崎 バニラ Yamazaki Banira?, real name Masami Yamazaki (山崎 雅美 Yamazaki Masami?)) is a katsudō-benshi, voice actor, an actress, a choreographer, and a tarento born January 15, 1978 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan and raised in Ōta, Tokyo.[1]


  1. "Silent Movie Narrator Vanilla Yamazaki (活弁士・山﨑バニラ Katsubenshi Yamazaki Banira?)". Haruo Inoue, Director. When I Was a Child (わたしが子どもだったころ Watashi ga Kodomo Datta Koro?). NHK Hi-Vision, Tokyo, Japan. 2008-04-09.

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