Sell It, Daikichi! (売ったれダイキチ! Uttare Daikichi!?) is a shōnen manga written by Kazuto Wakakuwa and illustrated by Yūji Takemura. The manga ran in Shōnen Sunday starting in issue 22/23 in 2003, ending the following year in issue 4 of 2004.


Daikichi hopes to be one of the greatest businessmen in Japan, but this young man has a lot to learn. Luckily he has a friendly cat who knows a thing or two about the business world.


Daikichi Sagano (嵯峨野大吉 Sagano Daikichi?)
Daikichi is a junior high school student who knows next to nothing about business, but dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Neko-sensei (ネコ先生?)
Neko-sensei is an 800 year old cat that only speaks to Daikichi. He imparts his wisdom on business related matters to the boy in hopes of making him into a formidable businessman.

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