Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame (うつりぎ七恋天気あめ?) is a Japanese H-game developed by Caramel Box. The limited edition was released on February 23, 2007 and the normal edition was first released on March 16, 2007.

The videogame is called Unaten (うな天?) for short.


Ren Yachikojima was a second year student at the Yaata Gakuen school. He is a member of "the seven wonders committee" at the school. One day in early summer, he met a pretty girl riding on a broom and wearing witch's dress at the school in the night. She called herself a student studying abroad from the magic land and stayed with Ren's family in the course of events.


Ren Yachikojima (八千古島蓮 Yachikojima Ren?)
Ren is the main male protagonist of the story. He gets on well with his parents who run a Japanese sweets shop "Yachi", his sister-in-law Hana and three foxes who understand human speech.
Ellen Guydir (エリン・グィディル Erin Gyidyiru)?, (Seiyū - Yukari Aoyama)
Ellen is a hardworking witch from the magic land. She was chosen as a student studying abroad in the human world owing to her effort. She is familiar with this world.
Kazusa Kagari (明松月砂 Kagari Kazusa)?, (Seiyū - Pochi Uchino)
Kazusa is Ren's classmate and she always seems to be sleepy. She is not so related with others.
Hiyori Sagimiya (鷺ノ宮ひより Sagimiya Hiyori)?, (Seiyū - Don Ōhana)
Hiyori is a new student. She is an only daughter of the distinguished family. She is friendly and the type that goes headlong at what she has decided to do.
Chika Iogi (井荻智香 Iogi Chika)?, (Seiyū - Tomoe Suzumi)
Chika is a third year student. She is Hiyori's superintendent.
Midori Atara (亜多良巫鳥 Atara Midori)?, (Seiyū - Yuzu Konuma)
Midori is third year student. She is a shrine maiden at the Inatsugi Shrine.
Miu Amaya (天矢深雨 Amaya Miu)?, (Seiyū - Yasura Chatani)
Miu is a school nurse at the school.
Hana Yachikojima (八千古島華 Yachikojima Hana)?, (Seiyū - Oto Agumi)
Hana is the draw at sweets shop "Yachi". She is Ren's second cousin and Ren's younger sister-in-law. Her own mother and older brother were killed in a traffic accident in her childhood, and her father married Reo's mother.
Ayuno Amaya (天矢鮎乃 Amaya Ayuno)?, (Seiyū - Kaname Yuzuki)
Ayuno is Reo's best friend. She has manly looks and behavior.
Fumiko Houami (豊阿弥文子 Houami Fumiko)?, (Seiyū - Minami Hokuto)
Fumiko is Reo's classmate and a member of the student council.
Makiyo Tsuruno (霍野茉清 Tsuruno Makiyo)?, (Seiyū - Mina Motoyama)
Makiyo is Ren's homeroom teacher.
Shizuru Atara (亜多良静鶴 Atara Shizuru)?, (Seiyū - Pochi Uchino)
Shizika is Midori's older sister. She is also a shrine maiden at the Inatsugi Shrine.
Koharu (狐春 Koharu?), Konatsu (狐夏 Konatsu?), Kofuyu (狐冬 Kofuyu)?, (Seiyū - Minami Hokuto)
They are child foxes who obey Ren and they understand human speech.


The soundtrack Tournesol was released on March 23, 2007, by HOBiRECORDS. It contains the following theme songs:

Opening theme
"I will…!" by Yui Sakakibara
Insert song
"Jast I wish" by Yui Sakakibara
Ending theme
"Spell" by Yui Sakakibara


  • The limited edition includes a special story book entitled "Momotarō".
  • The scripts of this videogame were written by plural scriptwriters for the first time at Caramel Box. There is a little disunity of the view of this world and Ren's character, and the heroine by one scriptwriter has little relation to other heroines by other scriptwriters.
  • The fan disc Caramel Box Yarukibako 2 contains a sub episode for Fumiko Houami.

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