Uchu Enban Daisenso (宇宙円盤大戦争 Uchū Enban Daisensō?, alternatively romanized as Uchuu Enban Daisensou, Uchuu Enban Dai-Sensou and other similar variations), translated and also known as The Great Battle of the Flying Saucers, is a 1975 animated short film created by Go Nagai and produced by Toei Doga. It is also known as Space disk war. It was originally shown along with the short film Great Mazinger tai Getter Robot G: Kuchu Daigekitotsu, also from Toei and Nagai. The movie is considered the prototype for the future anime TV series UFO Robot Grendizer, which premiered the same year. It was also released in Italy under the name La grande battaglia del disco volante spaziale.


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