Uchi-deshi (Kanji: 内弟子 Hiragana: うちでし lit. "inside student") is a Japanese term for a live-in student who trains under and assists a sensei on a full-time basis. The system exists in many societies, including those of kabuki, rakugo, shogi, igo, aikido, sumo, karate and other modern Japanese martial arts.

An uchi-deshi may live in the dojo where he trains, in the home of the teacher, or in separate accommodations. He serves the teacher all day, every day. Duties may include cleaning and secretarial work. In contrast to uchi-deshi, students who live outside are referred to as soto-deshi (Kanji: 外弟子 Hiragana: そとでし), "outside students".

In modern times, the role is also referred to as tsukibito (Kanji: 付き人 Hiragana: つきびと).

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