Ryū no Hanawazurai (龍の花わずらい?), also known as Two Flowers for the Dragon, is a Japanese shōjo manga authored by Nari Kusakawa. The manga series was serialized in Hakusensha's monthtly shōjo manga magazine, LaLa and ended in the July issue[1] of 2009 with 7 volumes[2]. There collected volumes was published under the Hana to Yume Comics imprint and is now licensed for English publication by CMX in North America.[3] As of July 2010, DC Comics has dissolved the CMX Manga imprint.[4] It is not known if another publisher will pick up the series to publish the final volume.

The last volume of the manga sold 32,366 copies in the first week of release in Japan and was ranked 21st.[5] The first two volumes of the manga has been named as Great Graphic Novels for Teens by the Young Adult Library Services Association.[6]


Shakuya, princess of the Dragon Tribe, has two fiancees. One is Lucien, who was missing for a long time, now returns. The other is Kuwan, the captain of the guardians in the village, who she loves more. She has two tattoos on her arms; a rose for Lucien, and a Bellflower for Kuwan. These flowers grow as her affection for them grows. The story is about their three-way love.


The daughter of the Queen of the Dragon Tribe. She has the ability to transform into a dragon. She is very energetic, which annoys her fiancee Kuwan to no end. She loves Kuwan more, but it is shown when she is young to have loved Lucien very deeply. She has a tendency to end up in some compromising scenes.
The captain of the guardians, also Shakuya's fiancee. He tends to act cold and distant, which Shakuya has mentioned. He is the 'replacement' fiancee that was put in the place of the then-lost Lucien. He doesn't like Shakuya's ventures out of the castle, and often does not listen to her when she explains why she is out (which is usually to see him).
The missing fiancee of Shakuya. After many years, he returns and causes some problems for Shakuya and the rest of the Dragon Tribe. He likes to, when talking to Shakuya, end his dialogues in some sort of seductive act. According to author, his name comes from Chū Shin Chi, the Japanese name of actor Stephen Chow Sing-Chi.


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