Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star (♂ティンクル²♀アイドル☆スター Tinkuru Tinkuru Aidoru Sutā?) is a Japanese shōnen manga by Hikaru Toyama. The manga originally ran in Shōnen Sunday in Japan.


Marimo Himenogi desperately wants to become an idol singer. When a local contest is announced, she begs her boyfriend, Ayumi to sing as her partner. Ayumi relents, and disguises himself as a girl so that he and Marimo can enter the singing competition. Surprisingly, they win and are signed to a recording contract as a new group called "Twinkle". Now they must keep their newfound fans from finding out that Ayumi is actually a boy.


Marimo Himenogi
A young woman with a deep desire to make it as a pop singer in Japan.
Ayumi Fujimura
Marimo's boyfriend, he agrees to crossdress for a year in order to help her realize her dream.

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