Twilight of the Dark Master (支配者の黄昏 Shihaisha no Tasogare?) is a Japanese anime film based on a manga by Saki Okuse. It was produced by Masao Maruyama, directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, and the screenplay was written by Duane Dell'Amico. The film was distributed and licensed in 1997 by Urban Vision.


Long ago, the Great Mother Spirit created demons, guardians, and humans. In 2089, in Neo-Shinjuku, only a few demons and guardians remain. Tsunami Shijo is an ancient (fire manipulating) guardian from days long ago to aid a fledgling human race. Tsunami is looking for a human who was transformed into a monster by drugs. This leads him to Mr. Takaiya, the Demon leader, who killed his lover.

Tsunami becomes involved with a woman who has just lost her fiancé and her arm, and now wants to figure out why this has happened. Meanwhile, the Daemon leader is still alive and plotting to enslave mankind. Will Tsunami defend earth once again, or be corrupted as two other guardians have been by the Daemon leader?


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