Tsuribaka Nisshi (釣りバカ日誌 Fishing Fool's Diary?) is a fishing manga by Jūzō Yamasaki (story) and Kenichi Kitami (art) that has been serialized in Big Comic Original since 1979. It won the 28th Shogakukan Manga Award in 1983. The series has been adapted into a popular and long running movie series, as well as a TV anime.


The story focuses on salaryman Densuke Hamasaki (a.k.a Hama-chan), whom his supervisor Sasaki has dubbed the "Fishing Baka" because of his passion for fishing. One day Hama-chan meets and befriends an older fisherman named Su-san, who turns out to be Ichinosuke Suzuki, the CEO of the "Suzuki Construction" company that Hama-chan works for. The stories tend to focus on their relathionship inside and outside of the office.


Densuke Hamasaki (浜崎 伝助 Hamasaki Densuke?)
The protagonist of the story. Nicknamed Hama-chan (ハマちゃん?). A salaryman/fishing baka who escapes his boring work life through fishing.
Michiko Hamasaki (浜崎 みち子 Hamasaki Michiko?)
Hama-chan's wife.
Koitarou Hamasaki (浜崎 鯉太郎 Hamazaki Koitarou?)
Hama-chan's son.
Hazetarou (ハゼタロウ?)
The Hamasaki family dog.
Ichinosuke Suzuki (鈴木 一之助 Suzuki Ichinosuke?)
Nicknamed Su-san (スーさん?). Hama-chan's boss who becomes his fishing apprentice.
Kazuo Sasaki (佐々木 和男 Sasaki Kazuo?)
Hama-chan's supervisor who doesn't understand his love for fishing and sometimes mispronounces his name as Hamazaki.
Kenichirou Dago (多胡 賢一郎 Dago Kenichirou?)
Tetsuo Akiyama (秋山 哲夫 Akiyama Tetsuo?)
Nakamori (中森?)
Ichirou Asamoto (朝本 一郎 Asamoto Ichirou?)
Kouzou Doi (土井 光三 Doi Kouzou?)
Haruo Inagawa (稲川 春男 Inagawa Haruo?)

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