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Tsukimiya is the main female protagonist in Japanese manga series Bloody Cross, written by Shiwo Yoneyama.  She is a half vampire half angel who is searching for God's Book Of Prophecy in order to destroy the curse caused by her impure lineage. 


Tsukimiya is a tall woman with very long, blond hair and red eyes, with a white shirt on with a red ribbon on it, and a black skirt on her bottom half.  When she shows her cleavage, the brand-curse on her can be seen on top.


Tsukimiya usually has very brash and angry, even Tsundere-ish qualities, which is probably a direct cause of her tragic and sympathetic past.  Much of the comedy of the series is based on her beating up characters Tsuduki and Hinata, but she also has these sentimental scenes that contrast with her normal personality.


Very little is known about Tsukimiya's past, but what is known is that one of her parents was a vampire, and one of her parents was an angel.  Because of this contrast, and impure lineage, a curse was branded on her at birth, which said that, if she did not release it before she turned eighteen, she would die.  In order to release the brand, she goes in search of God's Inheritances, most notably the Book of Prophecy, which is said to have the ability to cure her of the curse.


  • Hinata:  Tsukimiya has a very odd relationship with Hinata.  In one hand, she started out hating him because of his zanny personality, plus multiple accounts of him supposedly "betraying" her and leaving her for dead.  However, over the time she's spent with him she has began to develop romantic feelings for him, a concept that even she's trying to deny completely. 
  • Tsuduki:  Tsukimiya doens't like Tsuduki at all, and is only working with him so he can lead her to God's inheritances. 
  • Hanabira:  Hanabira is possibly the only other character that Tsukimiya can truly get along with, possibly because he lacks many of the traits that the others have that she hates; perversion, self centeredness, betrayal, and a nature to joke around in serious situations. 

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