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Tsubaki Nekoi (猫井 椿 Nekoi Tsubaki?, January 21, 1969 -) is a member of the all-female manga-creating team Clamp. She is the co-director and her duties in the team include applying screentones and correcting manga illustrations. She was also the lead artist (a role that normally falls to Mokona) on Legal Drug, The One I Love, Wish, Suki and xxxHolic. As the lead artist in xxxHolic, she is in charge of drawing the male characters while Mokona is responsible for the female characters.

She was previously known as Mick Nekoi (猫井 みっく Nekoi Mikku?). For Clamp's 15th Anniversary in 2004, she and the other three members of Clamp changed their names because they reportedly wished to try new monikers. In a later interview, Ageha Ohkawa stated Nekoi's reasons for changing her name was that Nekoi was tired of people remarking that her name was the same as Mick Jagger.


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