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Troll Mill is a children's fantasy novel written by Katherine Langrish, the second in the Troll Trilogy. It follows the events of Troll Fell. The hero Peer Ulffson now lives with his friend Hilde and her family. One day, returning from a fishing trip in stormy weather, he is horrified when a neighbour's wife pushes her newborn child into his arms before throwing herself into the sea. As he carries the child home through the windy night, he sees the old deserted mill mysteriously working away 'all by itself'. In the ensuing adventures Peer struggles to make sense of these strange events, and to prove himself to Hilde and the world.

As in the first book of the trilogy, Troll Fell, Langrish uses a variety of folklore motifs such as the Orkney legends of seal people or selkies to create an unusual and believable fantasy.


Peer Ulffson has lived happily on his friend Hilde's farm for three years after his uncles turned into trolls. One stormy evening, when he was walking past the beach, Kresten, his friend Bjorn's wife, suddenly runs up to her and hand him her baby. She tells him to take it to Gudrun(Hilde's mother), before plunging into the water herself. Life moves on for Peer after. But he finds out from Bjorn that Kreston was a seal woman. He had hid Kreston's seal skin and locked it up so Kresten can keep in her human form. To be continued...


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