Troféu HQ Mix
40px 19th Troféu HQ Mix
Awarded for Best Brazilian comics
Presented by Gualberto Costa and José Alberto Lovetro
Country Brazil
First awarded 1988
Official website

The Troféu HQ Mix (Portuguese for HQ Mix Trophy, with “HQ” standing for Histórias em Quadrinhos, “Comics” in Portuguese), is an award provided by Gualberto Costa and José Alberto Lovetro for comics in Brazil.


Gualberto Costa and José Alberto Lovetro took part of the TV program “TV Mix” (which originated the award’s name), broadcasted on TV Gazeta by Serginho Groisman and Astrid Fontenelle. Part of this program was comics-related, so both Gualberto and José decided to create HQ Mix. HQ Mix originated organizations like the Associação dos Cartunistas do Brasil (ACB, Brazilian Cartoonists Association), Associação Luso-Brasileira de Banda Desenhada (Comics Luso-Brazilian Association), Associação Brasil-Cuba de Historietas (Little Stories Brazil-Cuba Association) and Associação Mercosul do Humor (Humor Mercosul Association). [1]


  • National Drawer
  • Foreign Drawer
  • National Scriptwriter
  • Foreign Scriptwriter
  • Revelation Drawer
  • Editorial cartoonist
  • Caricaturist
  • Cartoonist
  • Illustrator
  • Great Master
  • Kids Magazine
  • Classical Publication
  • Humor Publication
  • Mix Publication
  • Horror Publication
  • Science Fiction and Adventure Magazine
  • Independent Publication
  • Fanzine
  • Magazine about Comics
  • National Special Edition
  • Foreign Special Edition
  • Graphical Project
  • Editorial Propost
  • Adventure Album
  • Editorial Cartoon Publication
  • Cartoon Publication
  • Caricature Publication
  • National Comic Strip
  • National Animation
  • Adaptation to other Vehicle
  • Humor Festival
  • Events of the Graphical Area
  • Valorization and Great Contribution
  • Editor of the year
  • Site about Comics
  • Comics Website
  • Personal Website
  • Blog/Flog
  • National Mini-Series
  • Foreign Mini-Series
  • Kids Book Publication

Comics that earned Troféu HQ Mix


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