Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea (蒼い海のトリスティア Aoi Umi no Tristia?) is a PS2 and PC game, developed by Kogado Studio. This game is part of the Deep-Blue series along with the sequel, Neosphere of the Deep-Blue Sky (蒼い空のネオスフィア?). The story has been adapted into an OVA, and has been released with a title of "發明工坊" in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S.A., Russia, and Poland.


This is a simulation game, with the goal of rebuilding the city, Tristia. The player must build an array of technological gadgets using schematics and various raw materials that can be encountered in-game.


Tristia was a beautiful seaside town which slowly fell to ruin and dilapidation, following the invasion of the dragon ten years ago. The people of the town tried rebuilding the city in the hopes of attaining its former glory, but they failed. Hopeless, the people decided to send for Prospero Flanca, a legendary inventor who was well-known for reviving many cities that were dying out. They received an answer from Prospero, but to their confusion, it was a girl who arrived to the port of the town. That girl was Nanoca, Prospero's granddaugther, and she is the one who was assigned to do the renovation project.


Nanoca Flanka (ナノカ・フランカ?) ( CV - Ayako Kawasumi )
The 14-year old protagonist of Tristia and the player's character. She is the granddaughter of the renowned inventor Prospero Flanca. Prospero's name was well-known all over the world as an inventor and builder, and she is keen to uphold the name. She came from the Imperial Capital with Stuka, an artificial creature, and Tenzan, a mech-styled golem.
Faury Carat (フォーリィ・キャラット?) ( CV - Marina Ōno )
The young chairperson of the Carat Firm. She is fifteen years old, and is known as an unyielding and carefree person. She has been into many troubles since Nanoca came to town.
Nene Hampden (ネネ・ハンプデン?) ( CV - Sakura Nogawa )
A rich girl 12-years old girl and classmate of Nanoca in the Imperial Capital Youth Academy. She came from the Hampden clan, a wealthy capitalist family from the capital. Nene adores Nanoca very much, and is the one who recommended Nanoca to the town for the mission.
Rafarew (ラファルー?) ( CV - Akane Tomonaga )
The mysterious girl who was found in a casket recovered from the sea in the vicinity of Tristia. Nothing much is known about her.
Stuka (スツーカ?) ( CV - Jūrōta Kosugi )
Nanoca's watchdog and support.
Tenzan (テンザン?) ( CV - Daisuke Kirii )
A golem under the command of Nanoca. It is shaped like a mech.
Reygurett Kutanie (レイグレット・クタニエ?) ( CV - Kanoko Hatamiya )
The head priest in the Ryunant temple in the city of Tristia. She noticed the talent of Nanoca upon her arrival.
Val Whitley (ヴァル・ホイットリ?) ( CV - Tarusuke Shingaki )
Deputy Mayor of Tristia and a childhood friend of Reygurett.
Mayor Guliani (ズリアーニ市長?) ( CV - Ryo Ueki / Syoto Kashii )
Mayor of Tristia. His name is almost certainly derived from the name of New York's former Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.
Arthur Griffen (アーサー・グリフェン?) ( CV - Hidetoshi Nakamura )
Imperial multi-millionaire that lends his financial support for the revival project in Tristia.
Panavia Tornado (パナビア・トーネード?) ( CV - Saeko Chiba )
OVA & manga character.


  • Opening & Ending theme song 『 UP TO ME!! 』 by Sakura Nogawa

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