Although manga translated is usually just "manga", it can be different:

Exact Same Name

  • Basque: manga
  • Bulgarian: Манга (Manga)
  • Catalan: manga (Masculine)
  • Dutch: manga
  • Finnish: manga
  • French: manga (Masculine)
  • German: Manga, die Mangas (pl.)
  • Italian: manga (Masculine)
  • Polish: manga
  • Portuguese: mangá (Masculine)
  • Romanica: manga
  • Russian: Манга (Manga)
  • Spanish: manga (Masculine)
  • Swedish: manga

Same Characters

East Asian languages using the same hanzi/kanji/hanja (漫画)

  • Mandarin: mànhuà
  • Japanese: まんが, manga
  • Korean: 만화, manhwa

Adapted Name

  • Esperanto: mangao


  • Thai: การ์ตูนญี่ปุ่น (katun-yipun)

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