In computer and video games, a traditional game is a computer program adaptation of a non-computer game (such as a board game or card game). Board games and card games have been around for many years such as Go which is thought to have been around in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago, and although it is not known exactly when the game was invented. Backgammon is also thought to be one of the oldest two-player board game in the world. They are often ported to computer programs because of the ease of access and little need for set up time. They can be play on the internet or LAN between players helping them to become popular to play online.

Traditional games can also be used as a way of gambling online, games like poker have gained significant popularity on the internet being playable on a number of websites.

Computer ports

Most card and board games that have achieved wide spread popularity have been turned into a computer game including Monopoly, Yahtzee, Hearts, and Solitaire. Traditional games, especially card games, have become a mainstay of computer systems because they are relatively simple and run on most computers.

Chess, Backgammon, Go, Solitaire and many other games have also been turned into computer games and programs. Some are easier than others however, Go being difficult to re-create with a computer player going only as high as an intermediate player. Traditional games can be found in a variety of different programs, clients and software; variations of games can also be made such as Mah-jong solitaire.


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