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Tournament of the Gods (闘神都市II?) by Takehiro Nakayama is a 3-episode anime OVA series based on a H-game of the same name.


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Image episode# Japanese Title Japanese translation Story
1 青嵐篇 Blue Storm Chapter The tournament of the Gods is a tournament where gladiators enter with a female companion, if the male gladiator loses the winner gets the girl. The girl must listen to the winner's every wish for 24 hours. Meanwhile, a young Sid enters the tournament with one hope of winning a young lady he has fallen in love with.
2 激闘篇 Intense Fighting Chapter After winning the first round of the tournament, Sid begins to despair that winning might be worse than losing. Sid isn't sure that he can go on. Thinking of his beloved Azuki is making him to continue the tournament, no matter what the cost.
3 血戦篇 Blood Battle Chapter Sid is crowned as the champion of the Tournament of the Gods, but Sid fears are realised when he is poisoned by the seductive but lethal Aquross, which causes Sid to be almost paralyzed. The only relief is a drug that causes insatiable sexual longing. So, Sid must face the deadly Aquross while facing bouts of intense agony and unquenchable sexual longing in order to end the tournament forever.

Theme songs

  • "Yume no Image" by Konami Yoshida


Character Name Voice Actor (Japanese)
Sid Akira Ishida (石田彰)
Hazuki Mizuhara Konami Yoshida (吉田小南美)
Selena Yuriko Yamaguchi(山口 由里子)
Craiya Akiko Yajima (矢島晶子)
Sayaka Ikue Ohtani (大谷育江)
Aquross Miki Itou (伊藤美紀)

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