Tonkam is a prominent French publisher of manga and was one of the first publishers of manga in French, issuing its first titles in 1994. It was founded by Sylvie Chang and Dominique Véret with the financial assistance of a Parisian bookseller, Yu-Chi Chang. The company had some legal problems when it published New Angel; because of its hentai content was forced to retire the product from the market. In 1996, Tonkam entered into a venture with the Belgian publisher Ypnos to publish Korean manhwa, but the experience was short-lived as Ypnos closed soon after.

Dominique Véret, left his post of publishing director in the early years 2000 to found the publishing company Akata, in partnership with Delcourt.

At the end of 2005, after the death of Yu-Chi Chang, Mmes Françoise and Sylvie Chang, owners of the company, signed a contract with Delcourt which became the major actionist of the company, but the two companies kept different editorial strategies and identities. However, Tonkam could enjoy the structures and editorial presence of Delcourt, so during January 2006, Tonkam dropped its in-house distribution system, and its distribution is currently assured by Hachette.

Titles published

Titles published by Tonkam include the following:

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