Tomomi Mochizuki (望月 智充 Mochizuki Tomomi?), sometimes incorrectly romanized as Tomomichi Mochizuki, is an anime director and producer born on December 31, 1958 in Hokkaidō, Japan. He is married to animator Masako Gotō and sometimes uses the alias Gō Sakamoto (坂本 郷 Sakamoto Gō?) when writing screenplays or working on storyboards. Known from the early 1990s as director of Ranma ½, Kimagure Orange Road and the Studio Ghibli film Umi ga Kikoeru, he is also known for having directed Twin Spica, Zettai Shounen, the acclaimed World Masterpiece Theater series Porphy no Nagai Tabi, and most recently as director of the 2010 noitaminA series House of Five Leaves.[1] [2]

While attending Waseda University, he joined the Waseda University Animation Association. In 1981, he began working for Ajia-do Animation Works. Mochizuki made his debut one year later when he acted as production director of the 1982 series Tokimeki Tonight. He went on to direct several of the magical girl series, including Magical Angel Creamy Mami. In 1986, he moved up to chief director with Hikari no Densetsu. He currently divides his time between directing, writing scripts and acting as a series coordinator for various shows.



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