Tomoko Kaneda (金田 朋子 Kaneda Tomoko, born May 29, 1973) is a seiyū who was born in Yokohama, Japan. She currently works at Aoni Production. Kaneda graduated from Department of Architecture, Kanto Gakuin University.

Her typecast is usually that of the young-child, due to her cute, young and high pitched voice[1]. In fact, it has been reported that her voice is capable of producing sounds at a frequency beyond that of human hearing.[2] She says in her blog's introduction, "My voice hardly changes even if I breathe in the helium gas.". Her height is 146cm (4.79ft).

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ko:가네다 도모코

it:Tomoko Kaneda ms:Tomoko Kanedazh:金田朋子

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