Template:RoughTranslation Tomo Sakurai (櫻井 智 (formerly 桜井 智) Sakurai Tomo?), born Tomoe Hatta (八田 友江 Hatta Tomoe?), is a Japanese seiyū and a former idol singer. She was born on September 10, 1971 in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture. Sakurai is a member of I'm Enterprise.



At the age of 14, Sakurai debuted as a sub-member for "KISS Fairlies," a group that worked as campaign girls for KIJIMA Motorcycle Racing Team(Japan local). All members were over 15-years-old, aside from Tomo.

In age of "LEMON ANGEL"

At 17, she joined the idol pop unit, LEMON ANGEL, a counter project of Cream Lemon coordinated by the same company that produced "KISS Fairlies". The project contained comic, animated, and idol pop units. The unit played themselves in Midnight Anime Lemon Angel. She released 5 albums during her time in LEMON ANGEL.


Sakurai joined a new video game idol unit and released 1 album with this unit. After leaving, she focused her career to mainly voice acting work.

Notable voice roles

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