Tokyopop magazine, originally named MixxZine, was a manga anthology published in North America by Tokyopop (originally named "Mixx").

MixxZine at the start published four series, two of which were shōjo and two of which were seinen:

As the seinen and shōjo content were hard to reconcile, Sailor Moon was taken out of the anthology and it was given its own monthly comic. Subscribers were not notified until the subscription renewal period, which made people upset at Mixx. Sailor Moon was later moved to Smile magazine, which had manga and "girl's lifestyle" articles when it first started.

When MixxZine was renamed Tokyopop in July 1999, the focus was changed to an "Asian culture magazine", which included manga and articles on J-pop, video games, and anime. Only a few manga titles were published in the magazine until it was discontinued in 2000.

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