Not to be confused with Tokyo Tribes.

Tokyo Tribe (トウキョウ トライブ Tōkyō Toraibu?) is a single-volume Seinen manga by Santa Inoue originally published in 1993. His later series Tokyo Tribe 2 includes characters and settings from this story.


  • Nagisa -- the protagonist and a member of the Shivuya (an alteration of "Shibuya") Saru gang.
  • Megane (Specs) -- Nagisa's friend and a member of Shivuya Saru.
  • Totoro -- Nagisa's friend and a member of Shivuya Saru.
  • Otogiri -- Shivuya Saru member who lives in Shivuya Mansion. The Saru are often seen at his apartment.
  • Fujio -- Nagisa's girlfriend.
  • Iwao -- leader of Saru's rival gang, the Shinjuku (written in katakana differently than the actual place) Hands.
  • Yama-Chan -- Shivuya Saru member who is attacked by the Hands in Shinjuku.

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