This article links to the Manga series Tokyo Boys and Girls. For the youth wing of the Indian National Army, see Tokyo Boys.

Tokyo Boys & Girls (東京少年少女 Tōkyō Shōnen Shōjo?) is a 5 volume manga series by Miki Aihara, published in English by Viz Media's Shojo Beat. The story revolves around Mimori Kosaka.


Summary from Viz media Mimori Kosaka's dream comes true when she's accepted to the Meidai Attached High School and gets to wear their super-fashionable uniform! She's excited about having a fun freshman year of high school, but things don't turn out as effortlessly as she had hoped.

Mimori finally gets to go to the school she wants to. At the school she befriends Nana. She meets her old childhood friend Haruta, the boy who is out for revenge at her. Nana then likes Kuniyasu, who likes Mimori. Ran, Kuniyasu friend, like Nana. The three boys join together when they all want revenge on Mimori.


Mimori Kosaka (香坂美森 Kōsaka Mimori?)
The heroine of the story. A classmate of Haruta in elementary school. She fell in love with Haruta when they once again met in highschool.
Haruta Atsushi (暑しはるた Atsushi Haruta?)
The hero of the story. A classmate of Kosaka when they were in elementary school. He was known as 'Haru-chan' since he looked like a girl. He has feelings for Mimori ever since.He says he was betrayed by Mimori but truthfully he was jealous when at the end of there graduation in grade school a boy gave Mimori his button. Haruta became a delinquent and changed his look after being rejected (unintentionally) by Mimori in elementary school.It is hinted that he likes Mimori when he gets mad at Kuniyasu when Mimori cuts her finger and then Kuniyasu sucks her finger.
Nana Takaichi (高市七 Takaichi Nana?)
Kosaka's first friend. A heart throb and is in love with Kuniyasu. In her junior years, she was the center of attention for all the boys. She once dated a college student, but her love still belongs to Kuniyasu.
Kuniyasu Kazukita (数北国安 Kazukita Kuniyasu?)
A brainy yet popular person. He's also a playboy. For the first time, he has actually fallen for a girl. And that's Mimori. Now, he tries everything just to make Mimori his. He says to Nana that he doesn't like to be tied down.
Ran Shingyogi (寝具宵らん Shingyogi Ran?)
A long time friend of Kuniyasu. They were friends since junior high. He's in love with Nana and is trying to win her heart.



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